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8 Most Common Myths Surrounding Laser Hair Reduction Treatment!

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment
Laser Hair Reduction Treatment
Myth 1. Laser hair reduction is a permanent solution Laser hair reduction is not a permanent solution and that’s why it is most commonly known as laser hair reduction and not laser hair removal. The results depend on a number of factors including the type of laser used, skin colour, hair colour, hair density etc. The number of sessions performed can always enhance the skin texture and perform further reduction of the hair but it is never a life-long treatment for hair removal.

Myth 2. Home laser kits for hair removal are also effective Although there are a number of home laser kits available in the market home but laser hair reduction performed by a specialist in a clinic setting is always ideal to go for.

Myth 3. Laser hair reduction is a painless procedure Laser hair reduction is generally considered less painful than electrolysis but it is never pain free.

Myth 4. Laser hair reduction is an effective treatment option for one and all That’s not true! Laser hair reduction works best for people with light coloured skin and dark coarser hair. In fact, it is dangerous for people with darker skin tone because inappropriate use of the laser can cause burns.

Myth 5. Genital laser hair reduction can trigger infertility In the laser hair reduction treatment, the laser only targets the hair follicle and does not go any deeper than that; making sure no organ gets affected during or after the procedure. Laser hair reduction treatment will not make you infertile.

Myth 6. Only woman can opt for laser hair reduction Even men can go for a full body laser hair reduction treatment in order to get finer and lighter hair. Beard, chest, neck, back, arms etc. are some of the most favoured sites for laser hair reduction in men.

Myth 7. Laser hair reduction can make your skin dark If a laser hair reduction treatment is performed by a laser specialist finely targeting the melanin in the hair follicle; it will never leave your skin dark or tinted.

Myth 8. You can’t attend a function just after the treatment. One can experience mild redness after a laser hair reduction procedure. This usually subsides in about half an hour’s time and you can go wherever you wish to go after that.


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