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Thread Lift Surgery and Treatment

Thread Lift Surgery and Treatment

Thread Lift

What are Thread lifts?

A thread lift is a type of procedure wherein temporary stitches are used to produce a subtle but visible "lift" in the skin. In this procedure, the loose skin is suspended by stitches and tightening is done instead of removing it.



Traditional facelifts are now being altered with thread-lifts or thread facelift. It is a much quicker and less invasive method to treat loose and sagging skin. The procedure can be completed in just 2 hours and does not require anesthesia. It is a process of lifting problematic areas by the insertion of thin specialized threads that quickly attach themselves to skin tissue by pulling the skin back thus reducing facial wrinkling and sagging. This procedure is not just used to treat sagging skin but threads battle aging by stimulating the body's "healing response" by directing large surges of collagen to the treated areas.


Who can opt for thread lifts?

Thread lift provides a more contoured look and visibly decreases signs of aging. This latest cosmetic procedure is gaining popularity and even young men and women can opt for it. It treats sagged eyebrows, sunken cheeks, jawline, and neck with no side effects and minimal incisions.


With no downtime and instantly visible results, thread lifts are a much popular cosmetic procedure. It helps in lifting and tightening the sagging tissues under the skin. It effectively treats sunken cheeks, jowls, mouth, and neck and stimulates collagen production for a healthier and defined look.

Side effects-

Minor bruising, swelling, and redness is common after the procedure. Puckering of the skin can be experienced when the barb is pulled. Infections, nerve damage, and a lopsided face are very rare events.

Post-treatment Care-

After-treatment care is essential to warrant the potency of the procedure. Adherence to simple precautions ensures high-grade results.

  • Sleeping on your back for a few days is recommended
  • Avoid facial massages
  • Avoid dental treatments
  • Do not apply makeup for the next 48 hours after the treatment

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