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Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment

Under Eye Dark Circles

Under Eye Dark Circles

What are under eye dark circles?

The pigmentation and blood capillaries under the loose skin give a dark appearance to the under eye area. The under eye dark circles give the tired appearance to the entire face.



Fatigue accentuates the problem.

Dark circles under the lower eyelids appear as we grow old.

The condition is common in elderly people but can be seen in people above 16 years.

People with darker skin tone.

People prone to hyperpigmentation.

Strained eyes



Sun exposure




There are a number of home remedies that can help manage the problem like cold compresses, proper sleep, applying of cold tea bags under the lower eyelids and makeup to camouflage the area. However, for a more effective and permanent solution, one can choose from an array of cosmetic treatments available out there.




Chemical peels-This helps in reducing the effects of pigmentation on the skin. Chemical Peels remove the top dull layer of skin revealing the younger skin under that. Redness, inflammation, and sensitivity is common after the treatment.


Laser resurfacing treatment- Laser resurfacing is a good option to treat dark under eyes as it will tighten and smooth the lower eyelid skin and reduces the pigmentation of the dark circles.


Undereye Rejuvenation with Fillers-The aim of the under eye rejuvenation is to smooth out the area from under the eyes to cheeks. Therefore fillers help in lifting and building volume from deeper layers of skin. There might be mild bruising and redness after the treatment that vanishes in 24-48 hours.


Post-treatment Care

Follow the post-procedure instructions to avoid damage to the skin. Avoid trying new skin care products right after the treatment. Protect the skin from sun rays, dust, and other irritants.

Under eye, dark circles can appear because of many reasons, and deficiency of nutrients can be one of them. Therefore get proper advice from an experienced doctor to ensure you have correctly diagnosed the issue and are receiving the best treatment.

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